There is a common preconception that the more followers an Influencer has, the more product an influencer is likely to sell. From our experience, this is quite often wrong, especially in a world with inauthentic followers.

One of the most challenging things for any merchandise company offering a Print on Demand (POD) solution (which typically has no upfront costs), is calculating the risk they are taking as a company when committing to design, digital and production work free of charge without knowing for certain whether their return on investment through the influencer product sales will be worth their while. 

Through the process of onboarding and launching numerous client products and stores, we have gained useful insight into what components lead to a better performing Influencer Product, which has helped us in turn, reduce some of the associated ‘risks’ with a Print on Demand service through our refined process of launching campaigns.

Below are the key areas of focus we follow to maximise sales of an influencer product which we hope can provide some value to you too! 

1) Less is more 

  • The conversion rate of customers on a store is usually higher with a smaller selection of products on offer. Higher numbers of product can often overwhelm the customer with too much choice, making it more difficult for customers to execute the decision in which product to buy….usually leading to no sale at all. The perceived value per product also diminishes with every additional product added - keep it simple!

2) Marketing makes the difference

  • Everyone’s guilty of looking at an influencer following count and assuming that because they have XYZ amount of followers, they are guaranteed to sell products. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like this. Marketing is crucial to the performance of the store. We will always ensure at least 4 weeks’ worth of marketing is nailed ahead of any launch. This allows time for an influencers community to familiarise themselves with the product and brand, building trust and confidence in it… they say that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you!

3) Focus on Product

  • We always ensure the product we create is in line with the demographic, values and beliefs of a Influencers social page and followers demographic. Creating a product that is adding value to the community of an influencer is crucial in determine the success of a campaign. This ‘value creation’ also comes in the form of discussing the feel, fit and detail of the product and why the customer needs it. Try and create something that is going to benefit your community!

4) The Story Line Counts

  • With all the clients we work with, we always encourage creating a strong and unique story behind the brand, something that is relatable but also aspirational to the outside community. The presence of a story line, and a ‘reason why’ for the brand goes a long long way!

So looping back around to our opening paragraph….the total amount of followers don’t count for much. At a high level it’s the combination of how you execute the four focus areas above. If you stick close to these and provide your community with something that is adding real value to their life then you won’t go too far wrong!